I’ve had the pleasure of working with amazing talents from various music and cultural backgrounds, therefore building a complete set of skills varying from recording, mixing, mastering, composition and production. I live to work and develop with artists to always get the best out of them, by creating strong working relationships were the main goal is always the quality of the music. I play drums and percussion for live and studio sessions. 

Additional to this, I have worked as a freelance project creative director, video creator and editor for various projects. Overall I am full time involved in the creation and execution of artistic projects.

Past and present clients include:


Roots Manuva

Speech Debelle

Asian Dub Foundation

Rock Goddess

Slow J

Pablo Queu

Michelle John (The Voice UK)


Hawk House


Oliver Han

Denzel Himself

Nathan Flutebox + The Clinic

Jerome Thomas
Stephanie Santiago

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