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Alma - Selector / Music Curator:

As a founder of London based Latinx collective, ‘Bonita’, Santiago has specialized in the history and legacy of Latin culture with a focus in music. From cumbia, salsa, Latin jazz and psychedelic, all the way to different forms of Latin folk, the aim is to always find something that can make the listener FEEL.

As a music researcher Santiago has a vast collection of records specializing in Jazz, Latin, African, Brazil and World sounds, his passion lies in unearthing the stories behind the music and honouring the creators as well as passing on this knowledge and legacy as an active way of pushing music forward and inspiring others that might not have the access to these sounds. Expect to be delighted by some of the most unique and musically rich selections/curation as well as friendly inclusive environment.

"Aqui no suena la musica que te gusta, suena la musica que no sabias te iba a gustar" - Don Alirio

My Analog Journal

My Analog Journal - Guest Mix: Records from South America with Alma De La Selva

Psychedelic and experimental sounds from South America with Alma De La Selva. Colombian born, London based producer, Santiago Morales, AKA Alma De La Selva.


Selection of music and sounds from around the world which intend to provide a calm and healing space for anyone looking to disconnect their mind, breathe and heal.

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Join Bonita whilst they attempt to rescue old sounds and highlight the new, with the intent of fighting stereotypes about Latin America in the world and opening the conversation of Latin representation and identity.  


Bonita is, Desta French, SagaUno & Santiago Morales aka Alma De La Selva.


Selection of Guitar Centric music from around the world.

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